11 mars 2014, séminaire Subversions : Sarah ARCHINO, “Don’t believe what you read: Dada goes to the presses”




Sarah Archino est boursière de la Terra Foundation for American Art

visuel Archino

For European artists Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia, the sensationalist newspaper coverage of the Armory Show marked their first encounters with American culture; this discussion will examine how these artists and others interacted with the mainstream press and the influence of this media coverage on their own production while in New York during the 1910s. Internationally, the Dada movement harnessed the written word as a tool of artistic production.  When compared to the sustained literary production of Zurich Dada or the political agitation of Berlin Dada papers, the publications of New York Dada, which were often humorous in tone and published erratically or as single numbers, may initially seem less significant. This talk will examine how Dadaists in America used the press – both mainstream newspapers and their own publications – to question the institutions of art as well as the structure and content of this printed, public medium. We will look at works from within the Dadaist canon, including The Blind Man and New York Dada, as well as contemporary publications not always associated with Dada, such as Robert Coady’s The Soil.

Mardi 11 mars 2014, 17h-20h, salle 325. L’entrée est ouverte à tous.

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L'équipe InTRu (2014, 14 février). 11 mars 2014, séminaire Subversions : Sarah ARCHINO, “Don’t believe what you read: Dada goes to the presses” InTRu - EA 6301. Consulté le 23 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/qe34

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